C4753- This US buckle has late-war style arrow hooks and has an overall very nice, pleasing brown patina.  This plate was dug in Central Virginia and would make an excellent addition to any dug relic collection.  $325  
C4777- This nice marked Union eagle breastplate was dug in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, the site of a fierce battle during Grant's 1864 Overland Campaign. One of the hooks is missing, but all of the lead backing is intact.  The maker's mark of W.H. Smith Bros., NY is clearly visible on the reverse.  The face has a beautiful chocolate patina. $275
C4788- This US boxplate, dug in a Central Virginia campsite, is unique because a soldier carved his initials into the back.  Both hooks are missing, and there are a few dings on the face, but the piece is solid and displays well overall.  $125
C4748- This US buckle, marked "W.H SMITH BROOKLYN," is in nice nondug condition.  The hooks were originally brass plated, and some of this plating has come off, and there is some overall wear and tear from usage, but this buckle is in good condition overall and would make a nice addition to any collection.  $400   
C4750- This beautiful nondug buckle has the early style puppy paw hooks.  It has one minor scratch at the top right hand side of the U and there are some small scratches in the backing, but the piece is very solid and displays well.  $400 
C4779- Dug in Cold Harbor, Virginia, this Union eagle breastplate bears the backmark of "W.H. SMITH BROOKLYN."  Both hooks are intact, athough one is slightly bent over.  All the lead is present, and the plate has a very attractive brown patina.  One couldn't ask for a nicer dug breastplate. $375