B5013- This beautiful coat size Confederate Lined C cavalry button was dug on the Howlett Line near Chester, VA.  It has a nice brown patina and the shank is still intact, but laid over.  Some of the thread that once attached this button to the coat is still remaining.  This is a locally manufactured button (no backmark). $400     

B4814- This is a nondug, locally manufactured (no backmark) two-piece Virginia coat button.  There is evidence of a flaw in the mold running perpindicularly down the middle of the button.  In my opinion, this "flaw" gives the button character.  $450
B4820- This tinback block I Confederate Infantry button was dug along the site of the Howlett Line near Chester, Virginia.  This line of defenses was part of the entrenchments which helped to "bottle up" General Benjamin Butler's Union army on Bermuda Hundred.  The button has a pleasing brown patina, and the shank is still present. $225
B4822- This tinback block "A" Confederate artillery button was dug along the Howlett Line in Chesterfield County, Virginia.  The face has a mottled, but still attractive, patina, and the back still retains the shank, which is slightly bent.  This button displays well, and would make a nice addition to any collection.  cc053, CS117A.  $175    
B4826- One of the rarest of the Union "eagle" buttons, this is a gutta percha example manufactured by the Goodyear Company.  The backmark on this cuff size button is "Goodyear's P=t. N R Co."  This piece would make a desirable addition to any high-end collection of buttons from the War Between the States.  $375
B4828- This very nice solid-cast Confederate Block I infantry button was dug along the Confederate Howlett Line in Chester, Virginia, and would make a nice addition to any button or general relic collection.  It has a straight, intact shank and an attractive chocolate brown patina.  $145
B4830- Dug along the Howlett Line in Chesterfield County, Virginia, this tinback Confederate block A artillery button is in very good condition.  It is a solid button, with a full back and the shank intact, though bent over.  cc053, CS117A.  $175  
B4840- This Confederate tinback Block I infantry coat button, dug on the Howlett Line in Cheterfield Co., Virginia, has a nice dark brown patina.  The shank is missing, and there is a small hole where it would have been, but the piece still displays well.  $110  
B4856- This South Carolina two-piece coat button was dug in Cold Harbor, Virginia.  It is a solid button, but the shank is bent over and there are two pinholes in the back close to the shank.  This is a locally made button, and there is no backmark.  A great button for the beginning or experienced collector...  $125   
B4864- This two-piece Connecticut state seal coat button, dug in Cold Harbor, is loaded with gold gilt, and has an intact (though slightly bent) shank.  There is no backmark.  This button would make an excellent addition to any quality button or general relic collection.  $80    
B4866- This beautiful nondug Vermont cuff button has a "SCHULER. H & G. N.Y." backmark and a standup shank.  Overall, it is a perfect button, and it would be tough to upgrade.  $60.00  
Bearing a "SCOVILL MF'G CO. WATERBURY" backmark, this nondug coat size Vermont button is in spectacular condition.  $75
B5292- This Confederate Script A artillery button, dug along the Howlett Line in Chesterfield County, Virginia, is a local and thus bears no backmark.  The button has a nice chocolate patina, and the shank is intact. A good, solid button...  $450  
B5254-  Excavated along the Howlett Line in Chesterfield, Virginia, this South Carolina two piece button bears the backmark of "Horstmann & Allien NY," along with the letters S and C flanking the palmetto tree.  While the shank is slightly bent, the button is very solid, and would add to any collection. $160 
B5255B- This North Carolina local Coat Button was dug in the vicinity of the Five Forks battlefield in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. The shank is missing, but the face has a beautiful dug patina.  Five Forks was the last significant battle before Lee retreated towards Appomattox.  $150.      
B5255D- This North Carolina State Seal coat button was also dug at Five Forks, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.  It is a local, and is missing the shank.  However, it is a very nice button with a fine, woodsy- brown patina that would make an excellent addition to any button or general relic collection.  $150.
B6427- Also found in the vicinity of Five Forks in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, this Confederate tin/iron back block "I" infantry button is in excellent condition. It has a very nice patina, along with a solid back and shank, and would make an excellent addition to any collection. $150.  
B6447- This two piece South Carolina coat button is in excellent nondug condition.  It bears the backmark of "VAN WART SON & CO."  This button is one of many that never made it through the Union naval blockade.  Although it was never worn in the war, it would still make an excellent addition to any collection. $75